Be careful to buy eggs !! Bangladesh is now creating fake eggs, fake eggs remember in what way?

The first kind of artificial fake eggs made in China, which is now being produced in Bangladesh! In a word, poisonous fake eggs. Calcium carbonate is a chemical element used in making artificial eggs, starch, resin, Gelatin is very harmful for the human body.
Eating eggs for a long time in this type of kidney and nervous system may be a problem. Calcium carbide lung cancer complicated disease.
The fake eggs

The ignorance of many of the eggs have been bought and eating experience. Traffick in different areas of the country bordering Myanmar capital iyangunasaha artificial eggs being smuggled from China. The eggs traffick with India and other countries around the fake egg has been squandered.
What is the way to recognize fake eggs?

1. The egg is slightly larger than the size artificial eggs.
II. This is the boiled egg yolk becomes colorless.
3. After breaking the egg yolk is spread around from one place.
4. Artificial eggs is much more fragile. A little bit of pressure shell is broken.
5. The shell is very smooth. Dot dot dot spots skin often can be seen.
6. After the egg is cooked many samyei bad smell. Or without flavor
It. The yolk flavor not found.

7. Fake eggs, you spoke with soap or any other object associated with intense flavor, the flavor of the egg into it. After cooking the eggs will not get the smell of soap.
8. Another symptom is the fake egg dish that is made with eggs, the egg does not work. Bainadara such as pudding or the Kaaba and gave the egg. But after cooking barbecue will be burst, pudding can not understand them.
10. Fake egg egg shape than other kinds of comparisons are elongated.
11. Fake egg yolk raw or cooked state, which tends to screen chemicals around the yolk does not break easily.