Become a remarkable and beautiful in just 7 days!


Has dark spots under the eyes, facial skin looks dirty. We need to give henna hair. I would like to take care of their hands and feet. Seven days a week in a “form-routine” how to create, he gave advice gitisa lyric beauty salon rupabisesajna Billah. He said, “A little bit every day Beauty Become the remarkable beauty.


Then on Friday, the start of the day. They will have a little extra holiday. Henna hair shampoo or any other pack to sew well. You can massage the oil. Some of the hair color at home, she can also use this day. Hand-foot nails cut before bathing. Pedicure or manicure can do. Do one of these days.

-This Day is Saturday and many weekends. Chamtano work, such as hair salon, choose a facial or eyebrow pluck-but for all the dinatikei. The day is somewhat lower than Friday’s salon crowd. If you work on Friday in the form of more routine work in this sanibarei. On Friday, the day after pedicure myanikiorera take such action.

Suru on Sunday became the everyday bustle. Busy in the morning to go to the office or school. Therefore, with the exception of the morning back home in the evening to do any homework or watching TV can be cured ever-rupacarca. The focus on small. Many lip color is a bit dark. Patilebura few drops of juice, honey and mixed with any massage cream lip pack made for it. Lips massage twice a day. Myasajei months of regular benefits.

Somabara day can focus on the elbow, knee, foot on the leaves. These parts of the black spots on the skin of the many spots. The two teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of bicarbonate of the amount of juice and cucumber juice pack Patilebura spell. 20 minutes to put it in the dark. Well washed with water and then with a little cream to massage.


Cokhera down on those black spots, peel the potatoes, they can put down Bethe eyes. If you wish, you can, as well as the work of other makeup. If you can survive a lot of time.
Keep your hair on the day on Wednesday. Those suffering from dandruff problems, like their regular care. Amount of lemon juice and pure coconut oil to warm up. Massage the roots of the hair roots well. Take the hot towel treatment. The method is very simple. Keep warm water beforehand. When the massage oil in a clean towel dipped in hot water for 10 minutes a day. Drop some water down the towel. And with a towel around his head to feel the heat bhapatuku hair.