Beef can be refrigerated for how long?


Sacrificial meat to the poor and relatives are required to wear protection. Many people are worried about how long it can be kept refrigerated meat. Sacrificial meat can be stored in different ways. However, in such a way to save in order to maintain the flavor and nutrition.

Many came together again to save the struggling eat plenty of meat. There are certain methods to save the sacrificial meat. Know how long you can keep raw meat of sacrificial animals and about how to save.

East Preparation
The need to save some sacrificial meat preparation. Remove the old deep freeze before the meal. Just like cut, wash and empty the fridge. Before the accumulation of dirt from the blood and meat quality can destroy germs.


So refrigerator cleanliness is very important. Remember to save the already large number of large polythene bag. The refrigerator should be kept in polybags mansagulo the day of Eid.