Before the heart signal of a heart attack: How do you know? Take note, you can save yourself


The world’s pollution is on the rise, and eight to eighty years, all the growing respiratory problems. Youth come into many a heart attack, the trend can be seen. But gobesana say, a heart attack coming from your body continuous signals heart. How do you know?

6 These things will tell you to come to your heart attack caleche

1) durbalata heart problems, arteries, blood flow is reduced. The decrease is a result of stress in the body. Durbala you feel.

Ii) jhimani flagging will feel every moment is a strange way. As a result of the decrease in blood flow to the body felt cold bhabao before a heart attack.
3) byatha chest chest pain from a heart attack about a month before the start to be felt. Not only that, it will spread to other parts of the body from the chest pain constantly. In particular, stands, arm and shoulder pain barabe spread.

4) cold prabanata a heart attack a few days before the cold already a tendency to increase. As a result, already much better to be cautious.

5) klanti hatahati a little work or simply to feel fatigue in the body. Going over the hapa. When such problems arise, consult a doctor immediately. Maybe your heart is weak. The attack could come at any moment.

6) samasya breath is also a point that is very weak from the heart. If anything short of breath that can be a problem. And if you consult a doctor immediately.