Beginning of the end of the earth, the sea, walking “messenger of Satan


Russia’s north-west coast of the sea, the fish around toothed awesome. It looks like the face of an angel and devil fish. That the local people in the area.


After watching the fish had begun to turn many of the questions in the minds of people. No one says this is the beginning of the end of the world.

Roman phedoratasabha a Russian fishermen. Russia’s north-west coast of the fishing areas in the region. Some of the fish caught in the net of his horrible face. He was quite puzzled when they saw it.

Some claim this is a strange fish that will change the history of the world’s biodiversity. As a result, experts encourage fisheries. Go to a blog post details about the photograph had gathered. Biologists then took a surprise.

They said all the other kinds of fish, animals hanarajatiya. It looks like they could be dangerous cog pictures of these animals in the world come from another world. The fish seem to be seeing a ghost. The question is really whether these fish. They are like rats. Some ghostly green eyes again.


Some red eye. Awesome compared to one another. View photos scattered noise. And they have nothing in common with the traditional marine fish.