Bengalis came the surname !!


Not too old. During the Middle Ages, feudal society as a result of the permanent settlement in

the UK are thought to have been developed in parallel to the ranks of the Bengalis. The name of the person associated with the end of the tail is called a title. Such as title, name, surname or common way bansasucaka name is called. Some, such as the designation of the subject’s land Bengalis Haldar, Majumdar, Talukder, changer, Sardar, authoritative, Hazra, Hazari, Mandal, foreman, Mallick, government, faith communities, etc., regardless of the personal form of musalamana Hindu surname. The medical profession designation Kh-Bengali Muslims,

Akhand, etc. Niazi. The Bengali Hindus in the name Dwivedi, Trivedi, etc. cartubedi. I’ll let some famous surname in the history of the Bengalis. For example, Sikder, Syed, Sheikh, Mir, Mian, Molla, Das, Dr, Akhand, Chowdhury, Bhuiyan, Majumdar, partisan, Talukder, government, Mallick, Mandal, Panni, Fakir, Ansari, etc. Dutta.