Bhyanisa just 5 minutes to the bottom of the ink eyes !!


Bags under the eyes to read. The girls have a terrible problem. Bags under the eyes can ruin the beauty of the moment. How to get rid of the bags under the eyes?

Not just girls, boys suffering from the problem of bags under the eyes. There are many reasons to go to the bags under the eyes to read. Normally we wonder, bags under the eyes fell to less sleep.

But it is not just one reason. “Dark Circle Eye” There are many reasons behind or bags under the eyes to read. Allergies, diabetes, anemia, excessive workload, egajima, extra sleep, etc. There may be many reasons for the bags under the eyes dark circle. Even higher amounts of salt in the diet, or cry, or excessive amounts of alcohol or smoking also occurs the problem.

Once the bags under the eyes, the eye is very difficult to reduce it. Lots of products are sold in the market. But it will not get you a favor. But there is a way that domestic system, which is very short time you can get rid of bags under the eyes as a permanent problem.

There must bicarbonate in your home?


Dissolve one teaspoon of soda water, then create a paste. Now that you paste it on a good day under the eyes. Leave the paste on for 5 to 10 minutes. When the paste to dry with a soft cloth or tissue paper to light up the paste. Use baking soda in your eyes when you see these days in the bottom of the ink was bhyanisa.