Big success, there was a further search of the Earth in space!


Scientists have found big success in space. A planet that looks like Earth, scientists at hand.

Scientists have seen, one of the brightest stars in the Solar System is very close to the center of this super-Earth orbit.

This is a major achievement in science will bring agamidine space is considered.

In this context, scientists

Said, to see Earth-like planets from Earth, but its mass is 5.4 times higher. 536 is a red dwarf star called jeji revolving around him.

Once the orbit of the planet takes 8.7 days to orbit. Earlier, planet Earth looks like a B-536 was discovered jije.

Scientists at the University of La Laguna, Spain’s Alejandro Suarez said masakareno, these planets are rocky crust basically. To learn more about the planet, they are doing more tests.

The planet’s radius, density tests for measuring progress in more detail. The planets orbit the planet from the heat of the sun is much lower and smaller.

However, much brighter than the sun. Kolkata too as the sun’s magnetic energy prabala 24