Bill Gates, the owner of the world’s most expensive book !!


    Friend-to guide and philojaphara feel this is the only book in the introduction of the most successful. Psychologists say, what kind of a man he read it properly to identify the required notice.


    So there is no doubt about that book that is highly valued. But the most valuable (and expensive) to whom the book you know? If you say, is the right man. Because, in addition to taste and buy the most valuable book that literally gone to the pockets. As a result of all prthibara expensive book in the name of the owner, and wonder what it would be Bill Gates! But what is the book? Who wrote the book?

    November 11, 1994, Bill Gates purchased the book. Book are: Leonardo da Vinci’s’ Codex Leicester’- of the original script.



    The book dama 09 crore Indian Rupees ($ 30,802,500). In this book the world famous painter indicated the discovery of submarine and steam engines. Between 1508 and 1510, is the original script.