Bill Gates took seven years to build this house


He is the richest man in the world. At this point, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the total amount of assets of $ 8.170 billion. According to the 1995 Forbes list of the richest people in the world from 007 until he was number one on the list.

In 008 out of 009, but came back on top again. No one could force him out of first place this year. Medinaya 66 thousand square feet on the side of Lake Washington in Washington has made this luxurious bungalow. 6 million for seven years at a cost of 3 million dollars, this has made Bill Gates’ dormitory.


But the building to see that number, but it’s actually quite homara comara Gates, or just 0.1 percent of total assets! Bill Gates House from the gallery to learn some information about those which may not be known.