Blood bank inquiries !!

Patients required blood transfusion service at the moment, there are quite a few blood banks. Domestic and internationally recognized organizations.
These groups of patients with the blood supply is the most comprehensive support. If you do not demand blood donors and their collection is arranged. Voluntary blood donors and blood into these organizations is provided. All of them except the blood collection is processed.

Blood and receive:
1. The organization is to give blood sample by filling out the form.
II. If you do not have any problem with the blood sample of blood is taken from blood donors.
3. Medical officer of the hospital blood transfusion during the seal and signature are required to submit a written rikuijesana blood.

Cost :
1. Red Crescent Society Blood Bank at the cost of 700 rupees a bag of blood. The price of a bag of blood is the only blood bank bonds. Quantum Blood Center cost 750 rupees a bag of blood. Police put the price of the blood bank, blood bags and blood, but the price, the cost of five test cases, test and cross-matching is a fee of Rs 400 for processing.

II. Red Crescent Society blood bank of the hospital bed is free for patients and clinic patients money for 50 450 rupees is blood. Along with the application for the authority, subject to the 50% of patients thelasemiya blood is released. Quantum Blood Center thelasemiya discount is available for patients.