BPL Dhaka episode revealed the full schedule. Take a look at a glance!


Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) in Dhaka, Chittagong, once again, returned to the tournament at the end of the episode. And on Friday, two days after the break-up between Rangpur and Rajshahi, Dhaka and the third phase will begin in the BPL.

Earlier in the session, which was held in Dhaka a total of 13 matches. After a total of 11 matches held in Chittagong. Tuesday (November), Chittagong-Dhaka Chittagong phase has ended the match.

So far, seven of the points table with five wins and one defeat in six games are at the top of Rangpur Riders. Because there are two points behind the run-rate is equal to one less game played in Khulna Titans.

The threesome are covered with 8 points in seven matches. With equal points behind in fourth place with a run-rate of Chittagong.
The second phase covered the full schedule for the readers to highlight are:

November 5 – Rajshahi, Rangpur vs. (noon start)
November 5 – vs Barisal, Khulna (evening around 6 pm)
November 6 – vs. Comilla, Dhaka (1pm)
November 6 – vs Khulna, Rajshahi (evening around 6 pm)
November 7 – vs Barisal, Dhaka (1pm)
November 7 – Rajshahi vs Chittagong (evening around 6 pm)
November 8 – Rajshahi, Rangpur vs. (evening around 6 pm)
November 9 – vs. Comilla, Barisal (1pm)
November 9 – vs Chittagong, Khulna (evening around 6 pm)
November 30 – vs. Rangpur, Dhaka (1pm)
November 30 – vs. Comilla, Rajshahi (evening around 6 pm)
1 December – vs Barisal, Rajshahi (evening around 6 pm)
December – vs. Comilla, Khulna (afternoon)


December – Dhaka, Chittagong vs. (evening around 6 pm)
3 December – Rangpur vs Barisal (1pm)
3 December – vs Chittagong, Rajshahi (evening around 6 pm)
December 4 – vs. Comilla, Rangpur (1pm)
4 December – Dhaka vs Khulna (evening around 6 pm)
December 5 – Rest
December 6 – eliminetara match (1pm)
December 6 – Qualifier 1 (evening around 6 pm)
December 7 – Qualifier II (evening around 6 pm)
December 9 – Final (evening around 6 pm)