Breaking News! GP is free for everyone on the internet! Take a look to know how to activate ..


Now the customer is not connected to the Internet, the company has launched their Easy net.


GP saying, through their rural customers use the Internet phone users will be aware of.

* 5000 * 55 # This can be found by dialing the service.

Easy Hotel in the capital on Sunday inaugurated the net. Easy to journalists net concept

Jesse presented asthma, chief marketing officer of Grameenphone.

Yasir, told a news conference asthma, Easy video tutorials on a variety of customers using the net via the Internet

You can learn about. At the same time, they are able to browse certain Web sites without charge. If you want to be able to buy any type of package.

According to the press sammelarane, customers receive a reply SMS from their phone to dial a specific number to get a link.

Click on the link and easily get the prescribed pages.


He asthma, we would like to reach 017 by the end of the Internet to everyone. As part of the Internet

Do not understand, do not know, they want to access the Internet. The GP will create a new Internet users.

The new service will launch a special campaign for the next three months graminaphonabartamane phone users in rural areas and 00 MB internet use. It will increase in the future.

About the CEO Rajeev Sethi said in a message, Grameenphone is working to deliver Internet service for everyone.

Easy-proof net. We have learned that, due to lack of awareness, many people can not use the Internet. We believe that,

Easy play an important role in the net