Buy-bike without pedals, Orissa detector tejasbini !!


Items without yadela bike. Yes, it surprised you? Not surprising really as a surprise. Asambhabatake that this is possible only 14 years old, house in Orissa raurakellaya, tejasbini priyadarsini name.

Saraswati Shishu Vidya Temple-bike made by a whole class eleven student of the pedal so that there is no need. The bicycle pedal instead of being placed in a ten-kg cylinder career. Uccacape air being admitted into the cylinder. Saikelake is emitted from the power forward. And to operate at least 60 km.
More paruna pay 100 percent increase in staff salaries without commission!

This discovery came at a time when the whole world tejasbinira petropanya and worried about environmental pollution arising from fossil fuel. Now the world’s leading environmentalist says solar power, tidal power aciracarita the downturn in energy use. And it is not just the by-saikelai tejasbinira by the pedal-bicycle policy in the same way it would be possible to run such demanding Motor bikes and cars. As a result, ensuring cleaner environment and will save the receipt.
More paruna due to air pollution are not going to see from the main gate of Taj Mahal

Priyadarsinike tejasbini already been rewarded for his invention of the stage. Sunil Kumar, the Headmaster of the school office following the Saraswati Shishu Vidya Patel said that they will take part in the discovery of the exhibits at the national leve