By adding special provisions age of marriage for girls was atharoi !!


Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2016 has approved the draft. The draft 18-year minimum age of marriage for girls has been kept. However, in special cases, the best interests of the minor girl can be married with the consent of a court order and the parents.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presided over the cabinet meeting was held in his office. The ‘Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2016 of the draft is approved. The Secretariat briefed reporters after the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam.

According to the briefing, Child Marriage Prohibition Act, the Cabinet approved the draft, and in a variety of fields, such as crime has increased, so has prison term extended.

The cabinet secretary said, according to the law, the court can stop child marriages own initiative or on the basis of one complaint. You can review a ban on child marriages.