Cardiac arrest, “CID-ACP pradyumnera death. Closing the serial!


In the world of popular Hindi television serial ‘CID’ has reached almost legendary level. But that’s bad news for CID-lovers, serial tatadhika in the face of the popular character ACP pradyumnera Dialogue “Hai Kuch the mess, ‘and they will not listen for long. Pradyumna the ACP lying on his deathbed. And soon, he will die.

Pradyumna die means to be an actor, starring Shivaji satama Pradyumna die, there is no reason to worry. In fact, the curtain telisiriyala According to correspondents, and after a few episodes will be aired on television the story of the death of pradyumnera. Were reported, the December 6 episode of pradyumnera death from a heart attack is going to be. And 017 in the final of the serial will be aired episodatio is heard.

But why suddenly going to stop this serial? Reportedly, the two main understudy serial Shivaji satama and Dayanand Shetty (please Inspector) is seeking to raise a lot of reward themselves for next season. But cereal producers paid more than the company can not at this moment. Recently, janapriyatateo CID is slightly low. As a result of the highest paid actors in the producer organization do not want to continue with the series.

However, the ‘CID’ on behalf of the manufacturers have not yet been officially informed. However, with the exception of dayanandake Shivaji and other actors to carry out serial production firm, is interested in, it’s going to unconfirmed sources. Ebela