Causes movement of the shoes !!


Shoes will be informed of the physical condition. This is not only walking shoes after wearing the shoes, others will be able to understand the movements of the mind. China’s most famous technology company, Lenovo made these shoes surprise.

Tech World, to be held in Beijing recently, Lenovo has placed this technology. According to the company, this will be seen in sneakers is no magical force. It’s nothing. The technology established by the whole thing.

Lenovo to another one of these sneakers can stay in touch. It is the user’s movement, as well as heart and blood calorie count will be notified. There are two display duipase sneakers planted in the distance, which will give an idea about the owner of the shoe.

These sneakers will leave the market when exceptional commercially creators did not say anything about the company. However, the technology is expected to come to market analysts sigagarai.