Change the name of your Facebook ID, 60 days before ??


Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope everyone is doing well. Came back with a new tutorial about Facebook. Today I’ll show you how to change the name of the Facebook ID 3 months ago. A lot of straight method. Let’s have a look.

Take a look at how it is to change the name

1. Log in with your ID.

Click here 2tarapara

After clicking on the link below, as you can see.

3. New first name and your ID will be the first part of the new name, New last name will be in the stands at the end of your ID.

4. Your ID will submit a copy of your NID card scan, NID card if you do not, your registration card or passport will be required to submit your name change. Remember, however, must be submitted with the name of your new card must match the name and birthday of your Facebook ID. Then click on the Send button. 4 or 7 hours of ID with your Facebook name will be changed.

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