Charge smartphone from plants | How is this possible?


And that the smartphone will be charged to plant trees? What’s brother went crazy, or what? What do you think is the title! Yes, you are absolutely right, and I have come to know you’re no fun at all.



I genuinely saplings will be charged with a CFL bulb can keep your smartphone or burning. But how? There is more to think about, I’m going to discuss the details with you about this subject. Some articles I’ve read on the back for a few days and fairly tried to research how or what will happen in the coming days, the smartphone battery technology could come in front of us or how it would be possible to charge your phone’s battery much faster (10 seconds Full-Charge Remember 

and how much of your phone’s battery life will be long-lasting (6 months battery life ?) took it. And so to find an article in front of me come out and say it was there, how plants can be used to charge your phone with it. When I read it the first time he could not trust at all, thought it was a fake article may or may not science fiction.


Tell me, how would I believe? Kenona have learned from childhood that plants from the pure air, pure oxygen and a lot of flowers and fruits are available. But from the tree, and found that electricity back to the power for the first time learned that the mobile charges.