Check blood groups before marriage …


Several couples may be difficult for the blood group manipulations. Husband and wife blood group A, B, AB and O- is no problem for the differences. Problems with the Rh factor is just about the differences between positive and negative.


Even the A, B, AB, and in case of husband and wife in the same group O- positive and the other negative, despite being one of the worst for their child. In this case, however, is mainly responsible for the mother’s blood group.

A woman whose blood group is negative, he is married to a man whose blood group is positive, then the couple will be cherished in the womb of his wife’s blood group could be positive or both negative. If negative, the child’s blood group is not usually a problem. But as soon as the child is a positive side to this deadly child goes ahead.

A man who is Rh positive or negative, but the positive group was able to give birth to healthy offspring in the womb of a woman. A negative blood group, but a group of men and women with healthy children can only be negative. In the positive-negative group through the group that she would bear a child in her uterus, increased positive-negative blood is the blood of the mother.


As a result, the mother’s blood is Rh antibodies produced in the blood of the baby and the baby’s blood enters the antigen antibody reaction occurs, the blood clots, red blood cells are broken down, and the children suffer jaundice occurs raktasbalpataya.