Check out some tips for beauty


The mind is the desire to be beautiful. Most beautiful is the akarsanatao more. Just who attempt to present himself as pretty does not! Indeed beautiful kari kari time or money do not need to be inexhaustible. Just follow a few rules that you can become more beautiful.

Here are some tips for being pretty extraordinary; View nina delay

– Delete lips lips black dye when soaked cotton raw milk. It is the lip of the black spots on a regular basis will be up.

– Tomato juice and milk mixed grids ekasanga burning feeling the heat can be reduced.



– Wash hands after hamribasana becomes very rough. The dishes mixed with lime to apply a few drops of milk after the shrine. It will smooth your hands.

– Kanuite black dye stain, smudge it with Tiny lemon skin. The soft spots will be left elbow.