China will train from Kolkata via Bangladesh !!


Go to Kolkata to Kunming via Bangladesh, train it again! What do you think? Gappo queer? No, absolutely not, China will be the high-speed train to Kolkata through Myanmar and Bangladesh. Now the plan is limited to the level of the whole prakalpatai.


Recently sabarijiyana Greater Mekong (GMS) has resolved to offer the China Railway. Bangladesh-China-India and Myanmar (BCIM) Multi-model corridors as part of the proposed project.

Lai, deputy secretary of Yunnan provincial government, the idea of the G-minyera, Myanmar and Bangladesh, the financial condition of the rail projects will improve.


However, $ 40 billion for 2800 km of the railway on the Indian currency will cost about 56 million to 60 million in China. The money can be taken from the Asian Development Bank.