Chittagong Singapore is going to be !!


CHITTAGONG: Chittagong Development pathayatraya Singapore is going to be! Millions of new jobs through projects such as Singapore, the world’s top per-capita income in the country could be ‘port city’ or ‘commercial capital Chittagong. I hope that the relevant development. So there is a separate business trust in Singapore Chatgaon.

About two lakh crore investment in a series of targets and the importance of China-India trade connections with the port city in the future, may be converted into a prosperous and clean megapolis. The first requirement for the development of mobility. To ensure transparency in the advancement seem to be doing as well as Chittagong. At the beginning of this year, China and around the city connecting to the national development of the country sowed dreams.


At that time, the ministerial-level meeting in Dhaka, China’s Foreign Minister Wang E slow to Chittagong-Myanmar-Kunming road, Cox’s Bazar Ramu, Ramu-gunadhuma Dual rail and mirsharai and Anowara ‘Special Economic Zone’ setting gives up hope. The optimism of the year, China’s President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh through sesante paved the way to take effect.