Cicim gap! 5. Remove the efforts that the pattern lock for any Android phones


There are a lot of smartphone security. Lock apps, folders, as well as the SIM lock or phone lock. In the meantime, a variety of popular enough to lock the phone app. Like almost all of the smartphone is locked groove.


The first letter of his name was the one drawing the phone is locked. Once locked the phone, so at ease. If you do not know the particular type, it can not be unlocked.

Misconception. Can be unlocked. North-West University and the Chinese University of British researchers claim lyanakyastara, just 5 bar can be unlocked Android smartphone efforts. Can be broken, and the customer’s choice of faith in the lock code or pattern lock. The researchers claimed that the complex pattern code, the easier it is to break.

At least 40 percent of smartphone users using the code pattern. According to the researchers, the user phingaratipa track hackers can break the pattern lock.
To test the 120 researchers tried to break the pattern lock-out.


Among them, 95 cases were unlocked it. Simple locks in the 0 percent to their success. 80 percent of the cases in which the lock complex.

So the next time your phone is locked to think about it before.