Cirirabandare save rare species of birds !!


Chirirbandar Dinajpur district satanala several rare species of birds found in the area fringe jharuyara union locals. Wednesday evening, locals rescued birds.

Bappi bayojita mastarapara village on Wednesday afternoon when we all football khelatechilama suddenly everybody ran after the bird is a rare species of birds basamjhare save.

According to the different places in the same area, the same four birds fell on the ground, the police recovered.

The veteran of M Rahim Shah said, this kind of rare birds today are expected to be recovered birds eagle.

Founder and president of the environmental organization working on bird bridge Md Alamgir Hossain said at birds, pakhigalora injuries in different parts of the body. The birds are very weak. So very quickly rescued birds urged the district administration to provide the necessary treatment.

Upazila Livestock Officer Dr Mohammad Abu Sayeed said he’s talking to, I heard the news, so we’re working to save the birds quickly.