Click on the video to defeat the iPhone !!


IPhone users now have the time to be careful. A link to the video on the Internet has spread. That being said, this video may carry a aiphonake instant crash.

That being said, the iPhone is destroying China’s Sina Weibo link the video from the video-sharing app miyaopai.

The first provides information on ‘iutiubara ebharithimayapalapro “a user called. He was released a video titled “The video of the iPhone will crash.”

There is, to a certain video format MP4 for iPhone and iPad, run it

Freeze will be.

According to a report, the video device running IOS will be slow and will stop completely for a time.

The users now come out soft or hard reset to reboot.

Like the old IOS IOS 5 to 7 from the iPhone to the edge.