Cloth from the oil, turmeric extract stubborn stain technique!


Or oil stains from clothes hung from a job is almost impossible to build. For example, oily stain can not be taken, as the yellow-spice Dagao affairs can not be taken. What to do?
Know any kind of clothes from oils, spices grija or stains make a great strategy.

This means that almost any kind of stains from clothes can be. Cotton then became very easy. Again, a lot of stuff from synthetic fibers could be. However, when the oil or broth to wash the stains on clothes after the fire hardship will be taken. Please follow this procedure before the clothes to wash away. Then wash as normal clothes.

Which will -3 teaspoon baking soda (not baking powder), 1 teaspoon of water.
Not that – the two components together to create a paste nina then soaked spots a little bit of space there, rub this mixture and apply.


Parena then rub the brush with 1 hour of the day. Pheluna then washed with water stains, rub the paste smeared it all again in 1 hour, were not up to the mark when rakhuna then wash as normal.