Cloves are at home, you know you’ll be surprised of the quality ??

The house is less than normal cloves. Using less than all of the fruit. Starting from the use of cooking helps to reduce tooth pain clove. Dentists do not just cure the kind of pain. There are properties of cloves. Once you know nina

❏ not want to do? Take a cup of tea, a drop of clove oil devoured. Fresh take.

❏ a cup of water mixed with a few drops of clove oil to spray the room. You can leave a bad smell in the house.

❏ small flats in the kitchen, often do not have any windows. So sometimes exuded a strange smell. Hatched in the water with cloves. God from the machine.

❏ phlakse are a lot of flavor. Keep well clear of the cloves.

❏ acne, clove oil to relieve phumsakurio. Mixed with water and apply to face. However, it is not over.

❏ Do not let the tree insect killing drugs. Instead, the tree beetle has, next to the pot of clove trees planted in a day. Insect disappeared.