Coagulation of the blood veins of the heart melt!


Our body is an important part of the heart or heart. The heart through the blood of our body cells in various organs or cells taken from lungs to supply oxygen and carbon dioxide produced by cells of the body through the lungs out.

According to experts, 50 percent of deaths are heart-hatpindera vein veins due to various diseases. Stir the blood flow and pressure for the creation of any part of the interior portion of the vein is destroyed or damaged.

Usually the damaged parts of the damaged sections of blood clots (vein until healed) cover.

If the wound or inflammation of the heart’s blood inside the veins-veins located plyatileta, lipid, or fat, cholesterol, and lower levels amsajatiya intimake attack and vein material is accumulated. The tensile strength loss and vein constriction or narrowing of the narrow veins.