Coming soon to go to Canada !!


Once again, the opportunity to immigrate to Canada in the next year 017 million imigranta three different categories of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has announced.

Especially saskacuyana, ISP arm of Vancouver, menitobha, Nova skosiya, New branasauike rich immigrants will be taken to the different categories of professionals. That is why the Province of age, teacher qualifications, IELTS scores, all of the points, as the time limit has been reduced.

According to data from the Ministry of 7 November, was 1 in 016 million 60 thousand 600 economic immigrants. 1 of 7 500 million next year, the increase has been passed.

On the other hand, since the current sponsorship family of four has announced an increase of 84 thousand new immigrants. And 55800 refugees in place this year will be 40 thousand riphuji. Echarai will be easier for students to study.

Immigrants will be given prominence in the profession, which include IT, Engineering, Accounting, Manager, Sales and Marketing, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, Agriculture, garments, graphic designer, the school teacher, Media Developer, banker, etc.