Court ‘voluntarily’ said Nasreen !!


Arafat Sunny national team player has been refused bail and ordered him sent to prison aladata. Tuesday, January 4 Information Technology Act Sunny bail, the court directed the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court.


The end of the day, Arafat Sunny Chief Metropolitan Magistrate court remanded the case until the end of the investigation The investigation officer filed a petition to keep him in prison Mohammadpur Police Station sub-paridasarka John. On the other hand Sunny lawyer appealed for bail. Metropolitan Magistrate Zakir Hossain Tipu refused bail and ordered him sent to jail.

The judge’s order granting bail after Arafat Sunny aloud three times, Alhamdulillah plaintiff Nasrin Sultana said. He raised both hands in the west. I say aloud three times, “Alhamdulillah. He said: “God has answered me. I am very happy. ”

Earlier Sunday, Arafat Sunny to properly investigate the case before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court in the five-day police remand John. After the hearing, Metropolitan Magistrate Pranab Kumar said Hui-day remand.

Arafat Sunny Aminbazar arrested Sunday morning at Mohammadpur Police Station.

Sunny has filed a case against the two men. An information technology and other dowry law.


Information Technology Act, the FIR has been accused Arafat Sunny, with 014 The woman was married on December 4. Arafat Sunny June 1 last year, the two young people, and some of the offensive pictures Send Facebook Messenger. Arafat Sunny threatened to send the girl. November 5 after the woman threatened to send Arafat Sunny offensive.