Daughters and sisters-cousin marriage is not right! Because you know that you do not agree to marriage …


Means closely related cousins, cousin, cousin and cousin-sisters in marriage is not scientific. Ultimately that is the child of the marriage, the greater the risk of birth defects. The Lancet; A research article published in the journal, the scientists said.

Pakistani-born population living in the city of Bradford in the UK, one study found that children born with genetic abnormalities, the rate of marriage between close relatives, 30 percent higher than children in general. These abnormalities in the infants grow an extra finger on the problem of brain-hu tpinde pores or process errors may occur.

However, the overall rate is very low considering such abnormalities. The study led by the University of Leeds in eyamana Sheridan. Born around 007, 13 of the 011 children in the study were brought under.

A large portion of South Asian immigrants living in the city of Bradford. Pakistani-born population, 37 percent of the marital relationship between blood relations are established. Experts in different parts of the world there is a tradition of marriage between blood relations. More than 100 million people around the world contains such a culture. Reuters and AFP.