December 31, brought some tough decisions. Be careful, and know now !!

December 31 after 6pm on any open space in the capital has banned all kinds of meetings and rallies. Monday afternoon, the Secretariat of the Interior Ministry on December 25 to celebrate the big day and the Thirty First Night of the law and order situation and control the meeting, “the Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told reporters.

He said the first night of the 31st December Thirty Some people do not want to abide by laws and regulations. So after 6pm the same day in any kind of meetings and processions in Dhaka city is prohibited in public places. “The indoor program must have permission from the police.”

Dhaka city fireworks of any kind can not be depicted in the same day, he said, is to ensure that violence will not work with the police in plain clothes intelligence.

During the Thirty First naite will be closed all the time, he said, will be taken to prevent the use of drugs. December 5 to mark the capital of the country in the coming days will be to strengthen security measures, he added.