Dengue is like one day, your home medicine, internationally recognized !!!


A recent study has been developed that is quite effective antidote for dengue papaya leaves. The study showed that papaya leaf juice thrambosaitisa (platelet) is the production of material help. Lead researcher of the study, Prof. Dr. S. AIMST University. Kathiresana. S. Doctor. According to the dengue virus kathiresana essentially reduces blood platelets. Typically platelets from 5 days to 10 days.

Then again, according to a new platelet production. Dengue virus in the body as long as it is valid until the new body, a new role in platelet production capacity to destroy. Usually a normal healthy human blood platelets per micro liter amount of 250000 to 150,000. The number of dengue platelets is reduced too quickly.

According to him, 100,000 below the level of platelets can cause serious damage to the left. If it comes down to the level of platelets in the thramabosaitopeniya is 50000. As a result, many patients can lead to death. Therefore, the platelets are tested for dengue. When very low platelets should be admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis.


When the amount is less abnormal clotting of the blood platelets, and can be started and hyamorejim. As a result, the body and the patient died of internal bleeding. Papaya leaf juice dengue vaccine has been a lot of people disagree. But researchers at the University of Florida Research Center, according to the name of the papaya leaf juice dyam enhances the immune system and cure dengue fever as rapidly.