Dhaka suicide Jacquline mithila true identity!!!


At midnight on February 3 jyakalina Mithila was hanged at his home in the city. The model discussed criticism of suicide Chittagong port has been filed.



The first part of the name of the daughter of Mithila jyakalina jyakalina evidence items were taken from the name of jyakalina Fernandez. Mithila was acting like he was in his own name with jyakalina. However, he claimed the Sunny Leone. He is followed by former parnastara Indian actress. However, the present rather than the past jyakalina Sunny Mithila he had to follow.

Jaya Sheel his real name. Feni grandfather was born and spent his childhood home. At the beginning of adolescence, where he grew up and went to Chittagong. He studied engineering.



PA Kajal directed several music videos, as well as ‘seeing eye’ Mithila dancer in tollywood item song in the film.