Dhaka who are careful …


    1. Farmgate suddenly saw, how many people are raktatta kill a man, and he says to his brother, to help. Are you going to show kindness to save when you may be in danger. They can kill you with everything, because they are organized racket.

    II. On the bridge over the crying woman that she would meet him on his cell phone to call, but there is no money. Tell your mobile phone number to call the person, but he will be back. You can call them and lay the trap. They saw their numbers of innocent people and later by calling the alluring offer, if you agree with their astanate mail will be Black.

    3. Dhaka, Mohakhali, Jatrabarhi’re stuck in traffic, such as leaflets kinds of weakness, illness, greed for different systems to trap.
    There’s room to say that such a date.

    4. Beautiful eyes of the burqa Ali wants to talk to you, to offer love, but isara, if you get to think a little, if you think so, then the chances of getting caught percent. You take their dorm, then you do not have to do anything else. Lose all. Black girl with that mail.


    5. Gabatali, Sayedabad, or Ghat, Mawa, Aricha, the delay at the ferry sitting, he saw that card out, playing ludu etc., went to what took breaks.

    6. These will interact with strangers is very low. You go to the place where they know you.