Diabetes can be treated in the manner of the details out.


California, February 7, after successful tests on mice with diabetes treatment to recover fully from a group of scientists in the United States, according to a report significant progress in the Guardian.

Type 1 diabetes, the cells in the body is infected with the disease through transplantation, scientists are expected to be fully healed.

This type of diabetes usually occurs in early childhood or youth. Then they go through the rest of the time was taking insulin.

According to the Guardian report, a group of scientists in California glucose control in laboratory mice stem cell transplantation has been successful.

The success of the treatment of type 1 diabetes in humans this way it is possible to think that they are doing.

The report highlights the details of the study, the mice from the skin cells are collected, which “phaibroblasta are called. After these cells into endoderm cells is jinabinyase change.

As the primary pancreatic cells, causing them to convert more of whom is called pipielasi. This pipielasi beta cell insulin-emitting whether the test was successful, scientists turn.


The high levels of blood glucose is done mice entered pipielasi. A week later, the blood glucose levels of the mice substantially decreased.