Diabetes patients safely eat the fruit.


Many people do not understand the disease of diabetes and what to eat, what not to eat. In particular, the consumption of fruit conflict dilemmas.

As a result, a lot of sugar due to diabetes patients to eat fruit. But the result is very important for patients with diabetes a meal. There are some fruits that they can eat on a regular basis.

1. Berry: –
A berry fruit is beneficial to patients with diabetes. It controls blood sugar. Black berry works as a cleaner blood.

II. Orange and citrus fruits –
Various studies have shown that citrus fruit reduces the risk of diabetes. But this increase in diabetes is the national fruit juice again.

Orange Glucose Index (GI) 40, but without sugar, orange juice, glucose Index (GI) 50. So these are more healthful to eat than to drink fruit juice.

3. Kamranga: –
Kamranga local citrus fruit is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. Kamarangaya have plenty of vitamin C, which helps control diabetes.

4. Pineapple: –
Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-rich pineapple byakatariyala beneficial for our body. Pineapple increases our body’s immune system and keeps blood sugar control.

5. Myrobalan: –
There are plenty of vitamin C amalakite. Myrobalan is playing two day control of diabetes.