Did you know, how much it costs no money to build? If you do you will be surprised !!


Money in the economy of the vehicle. This need money to make money. Human hand moves to the paper product.


Users will steal money or unwillingly, burn or change color. As a result, once it becomes unusable. The Bangladesh Bank burned the money. Then the government to print new money to spend large sum of money

Bangladesh Bank to create as 1 to 95 coins worth a penny is spent. The money is spending money kayene 1 0 Rs. 1 and 5 costs money to build a Rs 95 paise coins. He was much less than the cost of higher value coin. Note 1 per thousand of the biggest common market. The cost is about 7 to print the denomination of a note. 6 500 costs money to print the notes. 4 at 100 costs money to print the notes.

0. 50 and a half worth the money to print a note, print notes TK 10 0 5 notes to print money and the money is spent. And without a formal declaration of becoming the youngest note paper notes chapanote cost half the money.