Director General of Academy of Bengali status 266word 32misspelled words


Bengali Academy Director General Shamsuzzaman Khan gave his Facebook status. There are 66 misspelled words styatasatite T 3. This status gave his Facebook page today, Thursday.

These did not want to reveal the exact status of self-promotion, but some say they are lying has become urgent. Otherwise, it’s going to go wrong message to youth. The youth of today do not know the history.

So young journalists. So they are clever strategy to phandibaja and any pages of the newspapers, and every year the drama of that scale, are named publisher. Or is he a man of free parties. The book of free book he promotes his book last year on the streets muktabuddhicarca to destroy the book.


I hit the opposing muktabuddhicarcara hanachi the book. And is not such a big lie. The truth is I who muktabuddhicarcara lineages. Historical records show that he can come to my office. Great-grandfather, grandfather, father, everybody was a follower of maktabuddhira.