Discover the new organs of the human body


It was estimated that about 500 years ago, or versatile genius Leonardo da Vinci. Modern medical science has finally proved its authenticity.


There are also a part of the human body, which was not so welcome. Mesenatari part of the name of the newly discovered. This was considered so mesenatarike some separate small part of the digestive system. But the new study proved that way, it’s a whole organ. Although this part of the work, the scientists still are not clear.

Calvin J. coffee specialist at the University Hospital in Ireland limarikera its inventor. He notes, mesenatari discover the pot as part of research opened up a new horizon. What has contributed to a variety of mesenatarira bowel diseases, new research now.


Calvin Coffee said, “mesenatarira constitution has been discovered. But this research needs to be done organs. What mesenatarira known, it will be possible to understand his unusual work. As a result, diseases will be caught. “