Do not be afraid of snakes chobale, take a look at what you should do! Share the day will come in handy

That hearing was closed snake half human heart. The strike, when there is no panic chotei people died.
But what exactly should be the time that many people do not know about.

So let’s take a look at the snake bites, when what should and what should not be ……

Be the first to call an ambulance.
He had been a strike in a place to put him. The toxin can spread throughout the body to move more.
Do not clean with water healed. But do not pour water jare.
The place is covered with a clean cloth wound.

Wounds do not grind ice.
Do not cut the wound, it is likely to cut the veins.
Do not get blood from a wound in the face.

Do not give any medication without a doctor’s advice injured person.
Do not drink alcohol after the bite, it could poison the body.