Do not drink at all during that time!!


“The water of life.” Disease prevention, as well as saving lives, and even skin care is the role of water. Again this panirai the name ‘death’ and will not be wrong. Water is beneficial only when you drink clean water rules.


There are rules for everything. Water is no exception. Although drinking water at any time, meal time, to observe the rules of drinking water in case of emergency. Otherwise, life-saving body of water can have a negative impact. Know something to drink some water alert.

1. The end of the meal, do not drink the water. Wait at least one hour after the end of the meal. Drink the water. For example, just before a meal should not drink water, so the water just after the indigestion of gas from the stomach, brash rising risk.

II. Do not drink the water too. You do not need to drink more water force. Pipasai will tell you how much water you need.


3. Avoid ice cold water as much as possible. In normal temperature water to drink.