Do not eat food that is hot again!!


    Daily busy to cook every meal is not possible. As a result, we eat cooked food stored in the refrigerator. However, should eat some food in the fridge. Because these nutrients lost when re-heating.



    Not only that, these foods are unhealthy. These diseases can be in a variety of plays ranging from digestive problems.

    Do not eat hot again

    Know what to keep cooked food warm, and not to eat

    Do not eat hot potato back in the fridge. The nutritional value of potatoes losing. Food poisoning can be refrigerated up to keep playing hot potato.
    If the bacteria are grown in the hot cooked rice. Diarrhea and vomiting can be played rice.
    One source of protein eggs. If it is hot after cooking to preserve uccatape becomes unhealthy.


        Another source of protein should eat hot chicken. This can lead to digestive disorders. Keep hot cooked meat refrigerated for a long time if you are about to make a gentle simmer. The best hot and cold mixed with the cold chicken salad sandwich and playing.