Do not let the pen drive? If you know the details.

Sometimes the virus can not get into the influence of the pen. Pendrive is Write Protected message, the pen is not formatted. If you want to be easily resolved.

For the USB port of the pen putting together press CTRL + R button to start the run.

Then type regedit and press Enter. The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Control> StorageDevicePolicies go up.

Some computers do not contain the name of the Windows operating system StorageDevicePolicies. If you do not go to the Control Control- click on the right mouse button.

Select New from the Key. StorageDevicePolicies enter here will be made of it.

Right-click the right side of the 3-bit Windows to New DWORD (32-bit) value, and for 64-bit DWORD (64-bit) value- WriteProtect enter by clicking on its name.

WriteProtect- the two by clicking on the Value Data Box- 0 (zero) then press OK. Enter cmd in the Start menu.

When cmd in the Open by pressing the right mouse button, click Run as administrator.

Now type diskpart and press Enter. List disk and press Enter again. The list does your pen select disk K: Write.

The K: is the drive letter pen, you find out your pen drive letter K: at the press Enter.

Now press Enter attributes disk clear readonly. Clean and press Enter. The next time typing create partition primary and press Enter again.

After the format fs = fat 32 press Enter. Restart the computer with the drive to format.

If the above rules do not work out your pen drive letter. Please shut down your computer and put the pen. Again, start the computer from the keyboard by pressing the button again (F8) key press.

Advanced Boot Options shows. Here’s the bottom keyboard keys to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press the enter key.

After loading the file will open the command prompt. The pen drive letter K: press Enter. Once again, the next time format K: press Enter.

What do you want to format pen, to determine Y / N key say. So here again, type Y and press Enter to start the pen format.