Do not throw forgotten silica bags, but why?


silica (silica) is not known to the public too. The bag is made of silica more or less everybody knows about. After purchasing any product you see in there is a small bag. We left the bag with the purchase.


But the small silica bag to protect from the loss of the product of your choice. Because it absorbs humidity. And the bigger the bag is written: “Do Not It ‘, which means’ Please do not eat.”

From now on, when you get back here will not leave any product in the bag. Because silica bags are used much more in life, a list of which was published in the British daily The inadipenadente. If you take a look at these suggestions parena

And if the phone is water and there is no hope to get back. But he hopes the silica bags. Many of the silica bag in a bowl of water and leave wet phone. See, all the water will dry up the phone and the phone can be saved from being wasted.

Such powder makeup (compact powder, eye shadow, face powder), silica bag in a two-day leave. So it will be good for a long time.