Does not apply to older drugs!

Medicines for diseases is to eat all the small and big. Many times, some drugs can be. Maybe you did not finish the course of antibiotics, or paracetamol was built up over, not long after eating and do not want to eat vitamin tablets. If we stopped to give the drugs. Flash has no toilet, no one threw to the dustbin all the other garbage. You know, I do not think any of the drugs is wrong to throw that gift?

According to the American Chemical Society, as well as water pollution, drugs That you’re drinking water that is contaminated. Being affected by the pollution of aquatic animals and even humans. It is not yet known about the long-term effects of the pollution. Several of our countries is already contamination of water, the water no more chemicals should mesanoi.

Osudhaguloke-lucky does not like something you can work with, for example,

If the expiry date is not drugs, then drugs known by contacting the pharmacy can give back.
You can search for nearby hospitals that if they took these drugs.
You can ask your doctor about how to throw the drugs are safe.
If you want to throw the drugs, then those bottles, boxes, files, or get out of the casket, and coffee powder, mixed with soil or sand to remove. After inserting a thick packet Tighten remove the plastic packet. They then remove the dustbin.
In addition, if possible, refrain from buying medicines and pharmacy as soon as possible if you do not need to come back. Then he thought of what to do with expired drugs will not be read.

The drugs safely thrown or destroyed up to now there is no policy, so you can be aware of itself, and can make others aware of this kind of pollution.