Domestic solutions to prevent itchy feet out.


Winter is coming. Take a little extra care of your skin all the time. However, look at the ankle is a little less. At the time, many people burst heel. Those who do not want to read in the lodge, they can take a little extra care.

The moisture deficit is a problem in the dry season. Cleft foot, ankle pain tends to be. After the burst of the ankle can heal itself solve anything domestic. Find out ways to cure itchy feet:

Candle wax: mustard oil mixed with wax candle and put in place throughout the night and the day, it’s cracked. It will cure itchy feet.

Glycerin and rose water: rose water blend with a little glycerin. Put this mixture over the ankle of the day and night. The itchy feet and reduce pain.

Sesame oil: sesame oil is very effective in getting itchy feet. Sesame oil makhale foot itchy feet away.

Vaseline and lemon juice: bhyasalinera mixed with a few drops of lemon juice to massage the itchy places. It was the exploitation of the mixture can be quickly recovered itchy feet.