Drinking and weight gain! What is the relationship?


Alcohol is a fat man? What if someone drinks a day, and he did not reduce weight? Answer: Yes, and do not need both. What is messing with it? In fact, drinking habits and weight gain-reduction of the complex relationship, so a little more to say. Let’s start itself

Alcohol and Weight Increase

The amount of calories and seven grams of alcohol. So there is no alcohol in the pustiguna kyalarike ’empty calories’, which tells the body does not have any benefit, but to increase weight.

It has been tested, alcohol increases appetite. So, many people would prefer to eat something usually sat drinking. If the caloric intake. Understand, then it is no alcohol without khadyaguna ’empty calories’ is back with his caloric intake.


Thus, more than 30 grams of alcohol a day, so if one accepts, then the Heavyweight who were not able to prevent.