Driving license fee: 2017


    Learner Driving License fees: –

    (A) 01 (a) Category (just motorcycles, or just any kind of light that motor vehicle traffic)

    (B) 02 (two) Category (motorcycles and light motor vehicle together with the motorcycle in any kind of motor vehicle)
    >> Click on the step by step how to bribe the driving license without karabena
    Smart Card Driving License fees: –
    (A) on the driving license (05-year renewal phisaha)
    (B) amateur license (10-year renewal phisaha)

    Driver’s license renewal fee: –
    (A) on the driver’s license renewal;
    (B) amateur driving license renewal;
    (C) in the case of a driver’s license, both professionals and amateurs, when the expiration of 15 days per year for 230 / – fine must be paid money.

    Copy of driver’s license fees:
    (A) in the case of high driving license sikiuriuti 875 / taka.